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Getting better! 7.2 handicap now

First section of the Burton’s series just dropped. Mikey Rencz & Jussi Oksanen doing what the do best. Jussi as some of you may know just recently retired from professional snowboarding. I’m a little bummed as I don’t feel forced retirement is a little justified as this guy is a legend. I owe a lot to this guy for inspiration and for my time in Finland back in 2005. I just hope kids remember this guy and everything he has done for snowboarding. Jussi Oksanen is a legend. He will go down in history for changing snowboarding and he was a huge inspiration to many. Enjoy!

I’m all about walking with a pushcart when I golf. None of this cart nonsense! Exercise is where it’s at. Good round this morning.

Lira Clothing

What do you think about our Vintage Denim Jogger? Casual and comfortable and available now at fine retailers and online. 

The Boys are back! Real Snowboarding right here…

Monterey Bay Aquarium was incredible! I’ve always loved the Ocean creatures and wanted to be a Marine biologist for the longest time. Happy to report it lived up to all my expectations and dreams and I was like a kid in a candy store. The Sea Nettle Jellies were my fav.

Ready for \/\/ I N T E R ❄️

Been wearing these all Summer! @liraclothing #WeekendJogger available now at all good clothing stores! Stoked that #Tonik in Mammoth Lakes will be carrying both the Men’s & Ladies’ line very soon! #crtv_scty #liraclothing #freshthreads


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