Ok, many people have been messaging me and calling me regarding what happened last week. Just trying to keep it low profile. For the record though: Last Wed while shredding over on Chair 22, first run of the morning I was cruising down next to the tree line to check out the new snow we got over night. Was going perhaps 35/40mph and went to slash what I thought was a nice pow pillow, instead my board’s edge hit an ice block sending me into a Tree chest first. Ski Patrol were on the scene in minutes and took me to the bottom of the Mountain to check my vitals. I knew Instantly I had broken my ribs, but just didn’t know how many exactly. Anyway Ash drove me to ER as I didn’t want to make a big fuss over some ribs and get Ambulance. Turns out that I was immediately sent into Intensive Care as I have broken 4 Ribs, Punctured my Lung and suffered a deep laceration to my Liver causing me to internally bleed. I was in ICU for 4 days & was discharged Sat. Obviously it’s a very serious injury but the Doc is very happy with my blood work and other stats. I’ll be out almost certainly for the rest of the season. All depends how this Liver plays ball you know? The messages, prayers and support from everyone has been amazing. I am so blessed for such amazing Friends and Family who came by with magazines, food, prayers and now bringing me evening dinners! You guys are awesome. I’ll not be posting anymore photos or starting any get well pages. I just want to focus on getting healthy as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding. 


Here is a cheesy instagram Ashley posted the other day. Love you babe!

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  1. tanairih said: Woah! Whatever happened hope for a speedy recovery!! Get well soon Martin!
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